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I have been hearing the buzz for Senuke X for last couple of weeks. Almost all the mails I received from the IM gurus have been pushing for this software. Honestly I have never used SeNuke before so am not even aware of what was possible with it. Given the price of $127/month, it seemed an expensive affair.

But like they say “Curiosity killed the cat”, I have been dying to try out this piece of software. So finally have managed to buy this software. For those wondering if Senuke X is really worth the money, here is my review.

SeNukeX Features

As per the Senuke blog, here are few features of this software:

  • Instantly create a lens, wiki, hub, article & blog with UNIQUE content
  • Quick video submission to most popular video submission sites
  • Fast social bookmarking to popular bookmarking sites
  • RSS submissions to top 20 RSS aggregators
  • Article spinning & submission to popular article directories. This software has an inbuilt thesaurus to make article spinning easy. Also has built in facility for keyword spinning
  • Automatic linking of all web properties
  • Scheduled submissions. This is probably the most important feature of the software. You can schedule all your article, RSS submissions, forum profile creation, web property submission on a schedule.
  • Auto-resume after crash. I have not used SeNuke but had heard a lot that Senuke would crash during submissions. Fortunately this release has taken care of this issue & now allows to resume from the same position if the software crashed. (Though it would have been nice if the software did not crash in the first place.)
  • Automated press releases
  • 10 times faster multi-threaded submissions for custom Web 2.0 profile modules along with pinger module to get the links indexed
  • Indexing module – this module would allow automatic & quick indexing of the links through high PR blog network by SenukeX.
  • The most important module in the new release would be the step by step wizard & the link diagram creation module to create the visual representation of the campaign you wish to manage

Read about all the features here & here

Is SeNukeX Really Effective?

The new version of the software is definitely user friendly & good looking UI. Though it is confusing & overwhelming at the beginning, the modules seem to be quite easy to use. It is definitely a good idea to begin with the training videos to understand using SeNukeX.

SeNukeX is definitely effective if used correctly with good content. No software in the world can help you get a MFA or site with useless content, ranking on search engines. Article submission, RSS submission, micro blogs & web property creation with spun content will add not just tons but also valuable links. Press release submitter is very useful during product launches to earn some quick bucks. Social nuke with forum profiles will get you tons of links immediately.

Most important aspect of SeNukeX is probably the campaign scheduler. You can now handle your SEO clients & multiple site promotions without being available on your computer. Such scheduled promotions can also be achieved by outsourcing but becomes dependent on your VA’s.

Is SeNukeX Good

It seems that though most of the features available in SeNukeX are also available in other software like bookmarking demon, article submitter, market samurai, RSS Submit, press release submitter or even Xrumer.

Now SeNukeX can be a real good investment but unfortunately you will need to spend some additional money on the proxies & de-captcher accounts. So you can expect an additional expense of around $30-40 / month to effectively use SeNukeX. With the current price of $127/month & additional $30-40, your monthly expense would be around $167. However if you master SeNukeX, you should be able to recover the money immediately.

If you are short on cash then you could look at below software to achieve the results provided by SeNukeX.

1. Article submission – ArticleSubmissionHelper can help you with article submission to over 126 article directories. You can even spin the content before submitting. (cost – $0, free)

2. RSS Submission – You could use RSS Submit or RSSBot for RSS submissions (cost – $29.95 or $74.95 one time)

3. Video submission – You can use TubeMogul for video syndication (cost – $0, free)

4. Bookmarking – Bookmarking demon or can automate your bookmarking needs (cost – $147 one time)

5. Press Release Submitter – You can use one of the free press release submitter. There are tons of free submission sites on the net.

6. Forum profile links – This is one back linking option which will be expensive if done on your own with Xrumer. However you can use sites like or warrior forums to find people providing these services for nominal costs. Additionally you can also use comment kahuna for comment backlinking

7. Pinger – You can use or for pinging your links. You can use for pinging multiple url’s at the same time.

The campaign scheduling feature & the linking diagram creation would be the most unique features in SeNukeX. Additionally with individual software, it would be a real pain to track your campaigns but with SeNukeX, you can set the campaign & forget about it. The software will keep working in the background & complete your linking campaign within the number of days you specify.

Linking & article submission spread over a period of time will not only help you with search engines but also appear natural & not spam. The indexer module will provide quick indexing for your links using the high PR blog network. (I have yet seen the indexing tool as my trial period is still on.)

[Update]: I am loving SenukeX for whatever I have seen till date. I was highly impressed by the number of updates published. The guys at Senuke do put some serious efforts to ensure the software remains useful. Got around 3 updates in last 4-5 days. But do note that you do have to put a lot of effort when bulding campaigns.

Don’t expect to use SeNuke with junk articles & expect boost in your ranking. I spent around 4 days creating a campaign (writing 2 spinnable articles, 2 spinnable description for bookmarking etc) as recommended by SeNukeX.

SeNukeX costs & discounts

If you buy SenukeX immediately during the launch, you will be able to lock the price at $127/month. After the launch period this software will cost you $147/month

[Update] SenukeX is now available for $147/month. If you buy the yearly license you can still avail some pretty good discounts.

Nonetheless if you do not want to try yearly option but want discounted monthly price, you have just found reason to cheer. we have been able to find secret link that will get you SenukeX only for $108/month. Click here to claim your discounted copy of SenukeX

SeNukeX also provides the following options for purchase:

1. Lifetime license for $1997 as against the normal price of $2497
2. Yearly license for $997 which means you get SeNukeX at a price of around $85/month.


Senukev2.6 now contains following updates:

1. New article submission sites (Total 46 new article submission sites added)
2. New pligg & phpdug based bookmarking sites (Total 168 new bookmarking sites added)
3. New SMF, Expression engine, phpbb, elgg, Invision board & PunBB based forum profiles
4. Support for additional 25 social network sites

senukex discount

Overall Rating for SeNukeX

Costs: SeNukeX Costs
Value for Money: 4.5
Effectiveness: 4.5
Overall Rating: 4.0

SeNukeX user feedback

Below are some feedbacks from SenukeX users.

SeNukeX does indeed work in the fashion that it automates seo methods that each of us do. We all know we need to incorporate bookmarking, rss feed submission, pinging, article submission, and using web 2.0 platforms in our ranking efforts. Senuke accomplishes all of this quite nicely and smoothly in fact, all automated which saves us a great deal of time.
You can truly avoid the monthly $127 a month by going with one time payment programs that do exactly the SAME thing if not better. The draw to senuke is that it has everything all rolled into one nice little package. SENuke does have the monopoly on the web 2.0 account creation. SENuke is truly a luxury tool, if you can afford it there is no issue. If the price tag is too high or uncomfortable for you, you DON’T NEED it.
Active user on Warrior Forum
SENuke doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do by yourself. The key is how much time it saves you. With everything automated and in one place, you end up having much more time to take care of other business tasks, or maybe even to (gasp!) relax. For most, it’s a luxury tool, but for people who are time-poor and have the cash to spare (i.e. someone trying to make the transition from 60+ hour per week cubicle / office life to IM) time-savers like SENuke can be the difference between success and failure.
Chris Koltai on Warrior Forums
A first glance it looks like a very impressive system-apparently it uses AI in its link structure developmnet and makes a very natural, long term link network.
User on Warrior Forums
I think the old SEnuke was a bit buggy. The new SEnuke X is worth the try. Especially with their campaign builder and automated scheduler. They can combine all the SEO activities in one row ie. Web 2.0 submission, follow by Indexing, then follow by another web 2.0 submission which reffering to the first web 2.0 submission. This will create nested link which is highly valued by Google.
User on Warrior Forums
The success rate is awful, it crashes too much for a “released” product. For something that was so long in the making and cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to develop it is utter trash.
User on Warrior Forums

Incoming search terms:

Senuke SeNukeX Automated submissions & link building campaigns SKU UPC Model

Made my money back

Aug 17, 2011 by Shelly B

The cost was killing me initially however once I got a hang of it, it was real time saver. I have been able to recover my investment in Senuke almost immediately after the second campaign

Worth the money

Aug 17, 2011 by Frank

Definitely worth the money.. saves you tons of time by automating backlink building. The price is too expensive though

4.0 4.0 2 2 The cost was killing me initially however once I got a hang of it, it was real time saver. I have been able to recover my investment in Senuke almost immediately after the second c SeNukeX

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2 Responses to “SenukeX Review – Is Senukex effective?”

  1. Clive Dover says:

    I’ve had a love hate relationship with this software. I bought the lifetime license, but didn’t dare tell my wife I had done so until a year later when I fired my $600/mo outsourcers in India. Then it made economical sense.
    I would suggest joining Jeremy Ashburn’s SENukeUnderground to get the most out of it.

  2. Extreme Fatigue says:

    I have used SENUKE X and I must say that for the time it saves it is well worth the money for those that can afford it.


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