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What is Senuke XCr!

You can read out SenukeX review here

Senuke XCr promises to be major update to the existing Senuke X software. So far users who have been using SenukeX have been happy using the software due to variety of reasons. One of the major reason was the ease of use & speed of the software to post to multiple sites, scheduling link building campaigns well in advance. Now you will have another reason to use SenukeX. The next update planned for Senuke X now addresses most of the shortcomings including the time consuming site setup.

senuke xcr latest version

As explained on the site, the Cr in SEnukeXCr stands for crowd-sourcing.

Crowdsourcing is defined as a distributed problem-solving and production model.

The idea is to use encourage sharing of scripts between the community. If you can build scripts using the recorder & share with the community, you get to earn 10 points. You can exchange the points to download scripts developed by other Senuke users at a cost of 1 point. So sharing one script means you get to download 10 scripts shared by others!

This encourages the sharing between users & gives them all link building options they may not have known. Its like having your own team of script builders. :)

What is new in Senuke XCr?

Senuke lifetime license has been made available for the next 3 days. Senuke Lifetime license costs $1997 or 3 payments of $697/month and entitles you to all future upgrades absolutely free. You are entitled to any SEnuke product released in the future, regardless of version.

When compared to the monthly cost of $127/month, the lifetime license is extremely cheap. Special yearly license option has also been made available for the next 3 days. In this special offfer you can get SeNuke for $997/year price while Regular yearly license costs $1297/year.

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Some of the cool features added to Senuke XCR include:

Macro recorder

The macro recorder functionality is pretty much based on macros like iMacros which allow you to record a series of actions & can perform them later without any need for user interaction. With the macro recorder in Senuke XCR, you will now be able to add any sites you like to add in Senuke.

The software will learn the actions you perform on such sites & will then enable you to build more links. This means that you will not have complete flexibility in choosing sites where you want to add your links to. You need not worry about following the crowd that uses only the core link building engine. This also will help you build & diversify your links.

4 new modules

Some of the features missing in the SenukeX software were doc submission etc. Now the new edition comes with 4 new modules which cover all the features that were offered in other link building software.

SeNuke XCR will now include:

PDF module

This feature will help you automatically convert your articles to PDF and submit it to the various document sharing sites.

Wiki module

You must have heard or seen the SEO companies charge a bomb for Wiki submission packages. Now with Senuke XCr you can submit your articles & stories to hundreds of wiki sites. The module will also allow you to add custom list of sites that use the most popular wiki platforms. Talk about link diversification. :)

WordPress module

For all those users who also like link building through their own WordPress blog networks, the new module will be worth more than the software itself. This module enables users to submit to their own network of WordPress blogs from within the software.

Google Places module

This module in the new Senuke XCr is killer for all those who do SEO for local businesses. Using this module now allows you to submit Google places listing. Even those who are in offline SEO business will have lot less to worry about when outsourcing their Google places submission as this can now be done at a click of a button

Turbo Wizard

If you have used Senuke or SenukeX before, you will be aware of the pain one had to go through when setting up the site. Additionally the software did not proceed further if any of the tabs had missing information. Now the new Turbo wizard feature will not only reduces the time taken to setup new sites but also automates the entire process.

You can now setup new sites / campaigns in 30 sec using the new turbo wizard which automatically populates the contents. You are required to enter only the keywords for your campaigns. The software then creates the entire campaign for you.

Check out the Turbo Wizard video module!

Xindexer module

Another cool feature of SeNuke was the link indexer. Usually people building links to their sites did not bother with verifying the links were indexed in search engines. Without indexing, the links were useless. SenukeX added the new module which enabled users to use the indexer & get their links indexed.

Senuke XCr now comes with Xindexer module. This module now automatically removes dead links or links that are already indexed by search engines this ensuring that only valid links are submitted & indexed. This module also allows you to conduct weekly link checks to track link building.

Claim your free points for the Senuke XCr macro recorder

Is SenukeX Cr Panda & Penguin compliant

The software has now been enhanced & promises to add new modules designed to help sites which have been affected by the Panda & Penguin update. So you can expect anchor text diversification, controlled optimization etc. The software claims to add “secret” feature to help with building links for authority sites.

If you are still wondering whether you should buy Senuke XCr or are looking for discounted rates, now Senuke XCr will offer life time licenses only for 3 days post release. The lifetime license is definitely expensive but when compared to the monthly costs, the lifetime license is extremely cheap & gives you most value for money.

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