Google Goggles Review

What is Google Goggles?

If you have already used Google Adwords for your pay per click advertising, you may be aware of the Google algorithms and the Google slap due to poor quality score. After Google introduced the new changes to the Google adwords and have mandated having landing pages for your campaigns, it becomes very critical to maintain a good quality score. Google Goggles provides you the necessary tools to help you with your pay per click campaigns.

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Google Goggles is a set of advanced tools which will help you with your pay per click advertising. Why is it called Google Goggles? Aparently the authors claim that with the tool you are able to view the sites just like Google does, which gives you an added advantage over your competition. This tools will help you with ad optimization, landing page optimization, help you tune your landing pages to avoid the so-called Google slaps. Google googles provides you with a set of tools that you will use to analyze niche areas, spy on your competition, spy on competitors landing pages, help you optimize your landing pages, and optimize your adwords campaigns. Though the tools concentrate on Google adwords campaigns your ads need not be restricted to Google adwords. Since Microsoft and Yahoo have also introduced quality scores, your optimized adwords campaigns will also give you a great ROI.

Niche Goggles

Google Goggles Package?

With the Google Goggles program you get:

1. Niche Goggles tool – for finding niche profitable areas
2. Google Goggles tool – for optimizing adwords campaigns and landing pages
2. Google Googles subscription
3. Hexatrack – Google Goggles edition
4. Training

Will I get 5 cent bids with Google Goggles as claimed by other internet sites?

Yes & No.
Google Goggles is designed to help you with identifying niche areas, optimizing landing pages and adwords campaigns. whether you get 5 cent per click keyword depends on the niche you select. Some terms like loans, mortage etc are very competitive areas and are high priced keywords. it may not be possible to get 5 cent clicks with such generic keywords. But Google Googles definitely helps out to identify niche low cost keywords.

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Is Google Goggles scam?

Absolutely not. Any software you purchase is designed to serve a specific purpose. Some internet sites make ridiculous claims about the software just to sell the products. users read such claims and buy the software in a hope that the tool will magically transform their campaigns.

if you correctly use the software and get it to do what it is designed for, you will never find any product a scam.

How much does the Google Goggles cost?

You can buy Google Googles by paying one time charges of $147 + $17 / month for the updates. Google Goggles software comes prebuilt for automatic updates and upgrades which means the software will automatically check for updates and inform you. The $17 / month is charged towards such updates and upgrades for your program.

You also get a one month 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase and the entire amount will be refunded back.

Is Google Goggles worth the cost?

With Google, MSN, yahoo introducing new algorithms and strict quality scores, its very critical to optimize your campaigns and landing pages to make decent earning from your pay per click advertising. Google Goggles provides you right sets of tools specifically for this purpose.

Overall Rating for Google Goggles

Costs: 3
Support: 4.5
Ease of Use: 5
Value for Money: 5
Popularity: 4
Overall Rating: 4

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