Tattoo Fever – is it worth it?

If you are into tattoos you may have searched a zillion times for various tattoo designs. Well there is nothing wrong in searching for freebies but then you should not be crying over poor quality tattoo designs. There are numerous paid membership sites giving you tons of tattoo designs. Chopper tattoo, TattooMeNow, TattooFever etc are just some of them. Are they for real? Do these sites provide quality tattoos & returns on investment. Well I wanted to just find that out and hence did some reviews on the popular tatto sites out there. Here is my first part in the Tattoo sites review series, Tattoo Fever.

What is Tattoo Fever?

Tattoo Fever is an online tattoo parlour by Aaron Danker proving upto thousands of tattoo designs, (14, 735 to be precise) . The site provides huge range of tatoo designs covering various areas ranging from tribal tattoos to chinese names to japanese kanji symbols. Probably there is not much to review in the tattoo sites except to check the variety of tattoo designs and the quality of tattoos provided.

The tattoo fever does a good job of providing nice tattoo designs. (I am not much of a tattoo person, so for me if the tattoo designs are fancy & high quality, there are probably good.)

sample tattoo collection

What do I get with Tattoo Fever?

Tattoo fever provides various designs like:

  • Fancy Designs
  • Dragon Tattoos
  • Zodiac Signs
  • Chinese Zodiac
  • Chinese Lettering
  • Tribal Tattoo designs
  • Mix Tattoo variety including alien, angel, animal, devil, celtic, cartoon, kanji symbols, monster, native american, religious, skeleton, tribal rings, tribal dragons etc.

The package provides you with 5 different components:

1. The Tattoo experience to explain & address all your queries about tattoos
2. Tattoo meanings exposed
3. Huge collection on tattoos
4. Tribal collection
5. Letters & symbols (with 3450 chinese names)
6. Photo gallery to select the tattoo of your choice
7. Tutorials on how to tattoo like a pro

Apart from the various tattoo designs, you also get tattoos unlimited book featuring 100 categorized designs both in black & white and color and ready to be printed. You also get Got ink guide which guides you on basic aspects of tattoos and answers any questions you may have regarding tattoos. With the guide you no longer need to depend on the advice from your friends or family on whether you should go for tattoos.

The package also includes a book on chinese names with translations for over 3450 western names translated in chinese. The tattoo package also includes exotic symbols including chinese zodiac signs, katakana charts, kanji symbols & other japanese characters.

The Tattoo fever package also contains ‘Art of tattoo’ which explains the process of tattooing and expert advice from Tattoo professionals. Addtionally 220 printable pages of dragon tattoos have been added as a bonus to the package.

Free Tattoo Designs
sample tribal collection
chinese names for tattoo
tattoo chinese symbols

Is Tattoo Fever worth the price?

Absolutely. Tatto fever tattoo package provides a very good value for money. I was surprised to see a download size of 575 MB covering various packages. The price of Tattoo fever is less when compared to other Tattoo sites.

How much does the Tattoo Fever cost?

Tattoo fever package is being offered at at a price of $19.99 which I guess would be lowest of all. You cannot get a better deal than this unless ofcourse you manage to get such a huge package for free.
Additionally Tattoo fever comes with a standard 56 day money back guarantee.

Overall Rating for Tattoo Fever

Costs: 3.0
Support / Ordering: 4.0
Value for Money: 4.5
Effectiveness: 4.0
Overall Rating: 4.0
download tattoo pictures

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One Response to “Tattoo Fever – is it worth it?”

  1. Brett says:

    Hi there

    Sorry but i totaly disagree with your comments regarding Tattoo Fever being worth its money.
    haveing spent my own money 2 purchase this item i found it to be very poor.

    i refer mainly to the quality of the images. which for me tuck away all the good points of the additional packs you recieve.

    Regards Brett


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