Netflix Reviews and User feedback

Netflix Reviews.

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If you have ever rented DVD or movies online, then you should be aware of NetFlix or BlockBuster. Both Netflix and Blockbuster provide online dvd rental service to its subscribers. Both the services maintain a huge selection of movies and latest releases and offer DVD rentals via mail & online streaming.

What is NetFlix DVD rental service?

Netflix was founded in 1997 when it offered customers the option to rent DVD’s on a per DVD charge basis. The DVD was sent to the subscriber by mail with a $2 postage charge.

This model was later change by Netflix to a monthly subscription model where the subscriber was charged on a monthly basis for a certain number of DVD’s per month. The online scubscription provides huge benefits to the customer where there is no additional charge like the lates fees, shipping or handling charges.

This model made Netflix a popular choice among subscribers. Netflix’s success in online DVD rental service has prompted other players to start such rental services. This includes online services from Walmart, etc. Other major players like Blockbuster also moved from instore video rental to online video rentals.

How does Netflix rental service work?

With Netflix, you are allowed to create a order list or a wish list of DVD’s that you would like to order from NetFlix. Netflix then sends the DVD’s from the order list via postal mail through their shipping points.

Since there are no late fees nor any other charges for the rented DVD’s, you are allowed to keep the DVD for as long as you wish. The next DVD will only be shipped to you once you return the first DVD. After receiving the DVD from you, netflix will then ship the next DVD from your order list.

In addition to dvd rentals, Netflix also provides a ‘Watch Instantly’ feature. This feature allows you to stream dvd quality movies and television shows instantly on the internet. This feature largely depends upon the internet connectivity and may not be exicting for those with low speed internet.

All subscribers, except those on the $4.99 plans, are provided with this feature and allowed unlimited access to the streaming media.

Currently Netflix offers more than 100,000 titles in their rental plans while you get about 12,000 choices for the streaming media.

Netflix DVD Rental Plans & Costs

Netflix currently offers 4 different plans to select. Three plans are the unlimited plans while one of the plans is a limited plan with restrictions.

  • $8.99 a month plan
    The $8.99 plan allows you to select 1 DVD at a time. But you can rent out unlimited DVD’s in the month. Additionally the subscriber of this plan is allowed unlimited access to the ‘Watch instantly’ streaming media.
  • $13.99 a month plan
    This plan allows you to rent 2 DVD’s at a time plus you get unlimited access to the watch instantly streaming media.
  • $16.99 a month plan
    This plan allows you to take 3 DVD’s at a time plus you get unlimited access to the watch instantly streaming media.
  • $4.99 a month
    This plan allows you to rent only 1 DVD at a time and gets you 2 hours of streaming media.

Netflix Scam & User Feedback

Netflix is an industry leader in online dvd rentals and like other rental services, does not have a fine print with the subscriptions.

But Netflix does have a policy which gives priority shipping to customers who rent fewer DVD’s per month. Subscribers who order higher volume of DVD’s each month may see some delay in shipping or even their selections delayed.

Lot of users also complained that the netflix unlimited plans are not really unlimited and should actually be called ‘Slightly unlimited’ plans. It is claimed that Netflix throttles the rental queues.

Subscribers categorized as ‘high volume users’ are pushed to the end of queues for movie rentals. Netflix also delays shipping DVD’s to such high volume users.

Netflix Free Trial Offer

Netflix offers a free 2 week membership where you can try the subscription with Netflix. You are allowed to order the DVD’s during the free trial.

You can cancel your subscription anytime during your 2 weeks and you are not charged. The subscription is automatically activated in case you do not cancel the trial subscription.

Some of the users do not cancel their trial offer & later complain about Netflix charging their cards automatically. The free trial offer is provided so that you can evaluate the quality of service as well the get to know Netflix subscriptions.

Overall Rating for Netflix

Costs: 4.0
Support / Ordering: 2.0
Value for Money: 2.5
Overall Rating: 3.0

User Opinion & feedback

Netflix rocks. I’ve never had to wait for a movie.
Active user on yahoo answers
I prefer Netflix. I rent movies and it usually takes one or two days to get them. They have a “Watch Instantly” feature too, so I can browse and watch something online while I wait for the others to get to my house. I would suggest Netflix to anyone. I’ve had no bad experiences using it. The price isn’t bad either. They have different options (2 movies at a time is a certain amount, 3 movies at a time is a diff amount).
Good luck!
User on yahoo answers
A new Netflix scam. They sent me a disc with the wrong region code so it won’t play. I thought I seen it all. Cracked discs, lost discs, now it’s a disc from Europe. Just great.
User on Velocity Forums
Netflix is definitely the better deal. Not only do you not have to worry about late fees, but there are numerous films you can watch on line.
User on yahoo answers
Much the same theory as when a restaurant advertises “All You Can Eat”, they assume MOST of their traditional customers will interpret it in the *proper* fashion…
User on Velocity Forums
Instant viewing (video streaming) feature for watching movies on your computer or supported TV connected device. Superior movie search engine and recommendations. Faster DVD arrival times (in my experience)
Low volume / less frequent subscribers are given priority, which means that frequent exchangers might be “throttled”. Instant Viewing selection is limited
>User on DVD Rental Forums

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rip off merchants

Oct 13, 2014 by Steven Halligan

Having used the Netflix trial period I decided not to proceed. It seems that Netflix did not cancel the payment details and I have been charged multiple times on each month, which amounts to £17.97 per month. I have telephoned Netfilx and they pointed out their terms and conditions and they would not credit me with the excess payments that I had been making. Make you own mind up about this. I will be attempting to sue Netflix, although I do not hold out much hope.

Jun 04, 2014 by ray

Every company is on top when they have great customer service, I can't say this is the case with Netflix.The basic principle of great customer service is to make the customer happy. Is Netflix making the customer happy? Nooooo.. Why are they not happy......... you had only one subscription at very reasonable price. now you have different subscription and you have to pay for each one of them, which means that if you want --what you had before it will cost double. not happy bad move. When you have movies on your save queue, that's exactly what you are doing saving them for the next generation to see them. that is where they will stay because they are rarely available.What is the point of saving them if you are never going to see them.It might and I say might be understandable for new releases but for old movies that is ridiculous. maybe that is understandable also, you only have one movie for all your subscribers. Then series are a joke you have the first season most of the time. and that is it.The rest of the seasons are never available.What is the point of starting a series if you can't keep it up and when you can follow up on it It takes monthssssss to be available.You already have lost interest in it..If you can't supply the demand why have it... the same thing applies when you queue a movie.. You select it because you want see it. suddenly a "short wait" or a "long wait" appears... the one I like the best is "not available" why was it there to select if is not available.There seems to be a misconception of "short wait". I would think that a short wait would mean a couple of weeks maybe-maybe a little longer.. but 4 months or longer .!!!!!that's a short wait!!The most annoying part about this is it happens on frequent basis.You have all these movies on a short wait list. Is this the same case as before you have only one movie for your customers. That is why it takes month to receive it.Then there is the problem that you can't email to netlix you have to call. Which most of the time is not worth the trouble,, CUSTOMER SERVICE.. Yes netlix you are failing in this category.. I can say other situations but I think I've said enough,,Enjoy the candies you have in your hand because there are others that wanr those candies and if there is not improvement and you don't listen to your subscribers you will lose those candies.

Apr 23, 2014 by Noel Nichols

I would just like to say that before Netflix decides to increase the price of their service they should take a few things into consideration

1) There service is as popular as it is because of the price.

2) There content is so mixed up you can find the same movie under several categories. They should put their foreign-language movies in foreign movies.

3) They should also consider better content if they're going to raise the price..

4) They definitely need a coming attractions board, with feedback and live Q&A.

I've been subscribing to Netflix for 5 or 6 years now and then someone happy with it, mainly due to the price. I would not mind paying more if the content was better, and better organized, and if Netflix had a communication system for their subscribers. Netflix is number one in the industry in my opinion, but won't be if they increase the price without increasing the quality.


Apr 23, 2014 by Jessica

They took my nickelodeon off. Thats my only issue like cmon man i was in the middle of my fairly odd parents and they took all of my nick off. PUT IT BACK ON AND ILL GIVE YOU THE LAST STAR :)


May 04, 2013 by Van Tran

I never used such a bad movie website, only old movies. They continued to charge me even though I did not use the service anymore. The customer service was extremely bad when I needed to cancel my account. NETFLIX IS THE WORST...

Netflix is Terrible!

Apr 11, 2013 by John Ford

I noticed most of the movies in my Blockbuster queue were "Extremely High Demand" which means they will never come, so I cancelled and switched to Netflix. BIG MISTAKE! Of the top 100 movies in my Blockbuster queue, exactly 3 (THREE!) were available for streaming on Netflix. Don't waste your money.


Dec 28, 2012 by Shaggy

I was a Netflix subscriber for several years and I really liked their service. Then they decided to split their DVD and streaming services, which essentially doubled their pricing from what is used to be. I canceled my subscription almost immediately. I work in the retail industry and I understand that sometimes price increases are necessary in order to maintain profit margins, but I think Netflix simply got greedy. They figured their service was so popular that they could do whatever they wanted and people would stay (see: Qwikster). Looks like they were wrong.

I signed up for amazon prime. They are cheaper than netflix - $79/year, which is $6.58 per month compared to netflix which is $7.99. Aside from their streaming library you also get free shipping on most purchases you make from amazon as a prime member. The free shipping alone makes the membership worthwhile.

Just to clarify, I don't work for amazon or anything. I'm just a satisfied amazon customer and I really hate netflix.

Netflix - biggest scam out there

Dec 11, 2012 by Ruth Fisher

People - beware of the scam Netflix are operating. I purchased a 12 month subscription on November 18th for my step son for his birthday. However, before he could use the gift, another credit card had to be provided so that they have something on their books when the subscription comes to an end. This is NOT explained at the time of purchase and only comes to light once you have paid.

I refused to do this because I had purchased it on the understanding that it was a 12 month GIFT subscription and cancelled the subscription within 12 hours of purchasing the subscription. They agreed to close the account and refund my bank account with £71.88. The money left my bank account on November 20th, a full two days after they had agreed to close the account and refund me my money.

A week later the money was still not in my account and so I called to find out where it was. I was told that it takes between 7 to 10 days to process the refund and that it was currently being processed. WARNING - THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY IMMEDIATELY BUT IT TAKES THEM OVER A WEEK TO REFUND!!

11 days later - the money is STILL NOT in my account. So I called this morning and was told that they had tried to refund the money to my account but that they had experienced system problems. At no time did they contact me to let me know that THEIR system problems were causing my refund to be delayed.

I was then told that because of their system problems, it was now too late for them to refund me MY money which left my bank account on November 20th and that there was nothing they could do!!!

This is a company that takes money on false pretences, agree to refund the money when it becomes apparent that they have taken your money on false pretences and then finds all sorts of pathetic excuses not to refund your money and then say it is your fault that they cannot return YOUR money because of their operating systems problems.

To say I am disgusted is an understatement. This is a company that is dishonest and no better than common thieves.

Would never recommend anyone to purchase anything from this company and will do my damned best to make sure people hear about this.

Disgusting behaviour from an American company.

Rip off

Nov 07, 2012 by Cindy

Do not use Netflix. Their choice of movies/TV shows is very limited and their customer service is very disappointing. Beware of the 1-month free trial and that they claim to send "thank you" emails, which I have never received. Of course they use this to protect themselves but they have never emailed me, yet were quick to grab money from my credit card. I would have put ZERO stars but this site doesn't allow me to.

Netflix Service Not What it Used to Be

Oct 06, 2012 by steve

We have been Netflix subscribers for around 7 years. We were very happy with the service for about 6 years, but last year, two changes occurred that have made us quite unhappy with their service. For one, prices increased about 60%, an enormous increment. From what we can see, these additional funds are partly used by Netflix to expand into Europe, obviously of no benefit at all to American subscribers. The second and more severe problem (to us) is they are substantially reducing the number of DVD copies available to their subscribers. As an example, we have had 3 movies at the top of our queue marked "very long wait" for about 8 weeks. One of these films is about 12 years old... hello? You can't tell me there are so many subscribers seeking a film this old. I have complained to their Customer Service several times, to no avail. Also, we have had many films in our Save queue for years, some of which are well known and popular, like "The Ipcress File" (older, but very well known). At this point, if I could find another service like Netflix with as many films and TV series as they have, I would immediately switch.

1.8 5.0 72 72 Having used the Netflix trial period I decided not to proceed. It seems that Netflix did not cancel the payment details and I have been charged multiple times on each month, which NetFlix

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105 Responses to “Netflix Reviews and User feedback”

  1. Gordon says:

    After several years we were OK satisfied but now, what a bunch of horse pucky. They seem not to give a rats behind about servicing customers but rather just sucking up as much money in profit as possible. I have hopes that someone will file yet another class action law-suit citing taking money from customers illegally
    I am DONE with them and their lies..

  2. Someone says:


  3. Jane smith says:

    Trust me you don’t want to use netflixs…this service is totally better….

  4. Leia says:

    Do not purchase Netflix. Do not even waste your time they do not even carry movies that are out on DVD. Their TV shows are basically reruns you can watch on TV, oh and they are not new season episodes.I had Netflix’s for 3 hours max and unsubscribe. I called to make sure it was canceled and to see if they would charged me for 3 hours or could I get a refund. Since they did charge me I called and this rude lady said “It does not matter if you did not fully watch anything you are still getting charged just for subscribing”.People with cable its not worth just looking around and watching a few mins of different boring shows and movies that you have already seen.

    • Deb says:

      I fully agree with everything you have said here. I am going to cancell netflix and go to amazon. They have a lot more to chose from and they’re always up to date with the lastest shows.
      I hope things get better for you.
      Have a blessed day.

      PS. If they continue to do business like this, well they will not be in business long.

  5. Candace says:

    It was good, till it wasn’t. The DVD side–there are two sides to this–I learned today to my dismay has lost 15% of the queues of customers. Just gone. Not told to us, just gone. Going to call, first said, will come back (she lied). Second said, ah-probably not. We’re working on it. Been working. For two weeks. Hum. So there go all my one day hope to see films. Was once a good model, till they forgot IT based companies need to hire IT competence…not bozos.

  6. Ray Kirk says:

    I’ve been a Netflix user for over 5 years at the “3 at a time” level. Lately, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of damaged disk I’m sent. The last straw was tonight when I inserted a disk into my player and it didn’t play. I ejected it, and found that it was broken and that someone had glued it. So, I sealed it up to send it back. Then I inserted the 2nd disk in my player (after checking it for damage) and, not only would it not play but
    my player started thrashing like a washing machine with a bunch of nuts and bolts throw into it. I ejected the disk and it came out spinning and too hot to handle. Also, after it cooled down, I noticed that the disk had been badly scratched by my player. I called Netflix customer support (at 4:30 in the morning) and the support person (Andy) said that they could send me replacement disks but would not compensate me for the damage. I sort of expected that, but…
    When I asked to speak to his manager, HE REFUSED. AND WHEN I ASKED FOR HIS LAST NAME, HE REFUSED. SO, I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION. In the end, they’ll pay a lot more than the cost of a dvd player. What he did should be illegal.

  7. Metra says:

    Well my issue with netflix is I want the choice to watch Anime(when streaming of course)in its original language with English subtitles like DVD’s do. It’s not impossible, fore they have a lot of foreign shows & movies in their original language(with English subtitles) so i’d like that option, some people may not want to hear bad English voice-overs(my opinion) taking away from the enjoyment. I have no problem reading subtitles(since it would be optional we can decide, so no problem), it would (in my case) make up for it’s lack of new content, no updates for shows that have seasons, taking away show in your queue you haven’t gotten to fast enough, I would use Netflix more and not always feel like closing my account out of frustration for wasting my money on something farther behind then other sites.

  8. Penny says:

    Your service sucks! You have never failed to charge me but the movies and connection are never working when I go to use it. I am currently on hold with your customer support and have been holding for 25 minutes. I will cancel my service because it NEVER WORKS.

  9. Jenny says:

    I’ve had Netflix for probably 7 years — and I’d now give it 0 stars. The service has gone through a tremendous decline in the last year.

    For years, Netflix was contractually bound not to release some DVDs for a month after release. I was okay with that. Now, even once a DVD becomes “available” at Netflix, it usually takes 3-4 months to get a “new” movie. I cancelled Netflix after discovering that I could get new movies faster from my library than from them. And the library is free — compared to the $26/month I was paying Netflix!

    I called about this and was told that a) it “only” took up to 8 weeks to get a “new” movie, which is flat-out wrong; and b) Netflix wasn’t going to do anything about that because they were no longer interested in providing new movies.

    My advice: don’t bother. For $7.99 you can stream a lot of older movies and new-but-obscure art films. That might be worth the price. The DVD service no longer is.

  10. IanB says:

    I’ve used Netflix for about 6-7 months.
    No new movies, Really old and bogus movies.

  11. AHgirl says:

    My husband and I spent an hour and a half last night searching for a Netflix, online streaming thriller, action and adventure, or foreign drama film that we hadn’t seen already. No luck. This is what happens when one company starts to completely dominate a sector, it just sits back, reaps the profits and stops trying to satisfy customers.

    We’re looking for alternatives. Anyone out there want our business and our money?

    • Pete (Site Admin) says:

      Thats very true. For some reason Netflix has started taking the customers granted. But as long as it gets new customers, it won’t be bothered with customer service for existing customers. too bad.

  12. I recently ran into an issue with Netflix displaying an advertisement that prevented me from playing movies in full screen. I contacted Netflix customer support. The representative sounded as if she did not care about her job or the customer’s calling in. I received 5 different answers as to the reason why I was having this problem. Naturally, I got upset and foul language slipped from my tongue. The representative quickly got defensive and offered to cancel my account. Being a customer service rep for several years I was baffled, and explained to her that she has only escalated my frustration. I advanced my call to the supervisor, who intern showed absolutely zero concern for my dilemma and continued on about how Netflix does not care if I cancel my account or stay with them. My call was not to cancel my account; it was about resolving the issues of not being able to view their streaming videos in full-screen… The end result is me cancelling my account and now going to every review site I can find to express the fact that this company ultimately does not care about their users at all.
    I can comfortably say, that Netflix is the anti-customer experience in entertainment.

  13. Zena says:

    And netflix just got stupider. I didn’t think it was possible. You used to be able to view all devices connected to your netflix account and deactivate them individually. Now, you can’t view your devices and if you want to deactivate ONE you must deactivate ALL.
    So so so stupid!!

  14. Bill says:

    Netflix is enjoyable when it functions, but that rarely happens. there are always gayass updates that never work. i waste my money every month to not watch movies/tv shows because netflix woont even work. how bout an update option?? nope. sorry bout your luck but we(netflix) are just going to have to fuck you over and make you try and update and complete;y reprogram your comp just to watch fucking cody banks.

  15. Cal 20 Sailor says:

    From my own experience and what I’ve read of the service levels, policy changes and poor customer service attitudes, I’d say that Netflix MANAGEMENT is floundering, BIGTIME. The policy changes and reversals show how out of touch with their own customer base they are, and resorting to binding arbitration clauses shows their lack of confidence in their ability to win a dispute in court. The fact that the program line-up has not expanded or improved shows how much they’ve taken their eye off the ball, or how much their vendors may be pushing back against them. USPS indifference to lost shipment claims also shows pushback from associates/vendors–maybe resentment from past experiences? Slow turn-around time on shipments and rudeness from customer service shows that they are trying to get their people to do too much with too few employees, probably in an effort to protect their bottom-line…maybe they’re hoping to get bought out? Lots of companies are run by arrogant “know-it-alls” whose arrogance is just a show to hide their insecurity and incompetence. Just look at financial and real-estate firms for recent evidence of this…

  16. justmy0pinion says:

    I am sick of netflix they really need to update the on demand lists! Every and I mean every movie I attempt to watch streaming it is not in the que! If tehy want people to pay for the service then give us some service to pay for!!!!!

  17. Lee says:

    As a Netflix streaming customer, why am I paying for movies I can see for free on websites like and Criterion collections movies? Why are old classics, like “The Miracle Worker”, remain unavailable to me, even though these movies appear on basic cable networks? Even worse, why are B- movies, like “Thunberbolt and Lightfoot” available on basic cable networks, but not through streaming? When a better option comes along we will be switching service. Are there better options? Is anyone outraged at the lack of quality and service they have received with their “new” Netflix plan?

  18. john says:

    AWEFUL customer sevice and keep sending damaged disk. hang up on by a supervisor and put on hold for over 40 mins.


  19. john says:

    this company has repeatldy sent damaged disk on teh average of obe per month. when i call they treat me like im an idiot and refuse dto credit my account. C


  20. Zena says:

    Netflix used to be my favorite thing in the world, then they eliminated the DVD feature from the basic plan and raised the price. Then they reduced the number of devices you could stream on, used to be two, now it’s only one! Then they made the x-box interface worse by adding that shadow effect and took away user ratings, genre, year, etc. I actually liked reading all that stuff, the comments entertained me. Netflix called these changes “enhancements” and said it made searching for a movie “easier” but they couldn’t have been more WRONG! Furthermore, if you were searching for a movie that wasn’t on instant streaming, it would appear as “DVD only” and Netflix would recommend movies that were “like” it. Their recommendations introduced me to a lot of movies I had never heard. That feature is gone now. If you have the streaming membership, you can’t even search for “DVD only” movies on their website. They want you to pay for the privilege to see their DVD list. SO, unless you know the exact title of the movie you want to see and it’s on streaming, you’re stuck simply strolling through the movies on the main page. I predict that another company will do what Netflix used to do except better and that will be the FALL of Netflix. Perhaps, Hulu Plus?

  21. Alice says:

    I have been receiving notices that I have to agree to the new “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” or cancel my account. I read the “Terms of Use” and find that binding arbitration is now the policy (Yep, it is there at the very end of the policy statement) and I object to agreeing to give away my rights. I called and talked with someone in customer service who said agree or cancel. I can continue to not agree and wait and see what they do at Netflix. I guess they could continue to bill my credit card and not mail the DVD’s, I really have no idea.
    I canceled streaming when they were playing games with us over the separation of streaming and DVD rental. There were so few movies I wanted to watch on streaming it really was not a loss. I think I had already seen everything I wanted to see that was available on streaming. Yes, very limited selection of movies there.
    Now with the new terms of use I am wondering what the boys in the big chairs are thinking. Are they really trying to end service to the public or are people just too stupid to read the entire “Terms of Use” and they just agree to give away their rights?
    Off to write a letter to the boys in the big chairs to let them know that I for one will not give my rights away. I like being able to rent DVD’s as purchasing everything I want to view gets way to expensive and I don’t have the storage space for that many DVD’s. I would suggest that you think twice before signing away your legal rights to binding arbitration not only with Netflix but with any company. Consumers tend to be the losers in arbitration.

    • Pete (Site Admin) says:

      @Alice: Yeah. The sites have now been using the privacy policy, terms which pretty much get you to agree on the terms (even if you do not like).

  22. Tony says:

    Has been an interesting ride with this service. Signed up and tried out their streaming service when DVD & streaming was offered, but only works on MAC & Windows, and selection is terrible. Switched to DVD only service, and worked quite well for some time.
    But over past few weeks, several discs have gone missing (never showed up), and has been happening in batches at a time. Thinking that the delivery service might be the issue, I even went to the post office to file a complaint. As soon as I mentioned Netflix to them, I realized the USPS just doesn’t care. The attitude they had saying “we’ll look into it”, and no reference number, no resolution timeframe, etc. Just a scribbled note with my address..
    Netflix cancelled my account today saying too many lost discs.. There are 3 parties that could be at fault, Netflix, USPS, and me (either someone stealing from my mailbox, or keeping discs myself). Obviously it’s not me. Why in the world would I jeapordize the service by keeping the discs. I can’t blame Netflix for their decision either (if it’s indeed USPS).
    It’s too bad that their service requires an honest delivery system..
    Good thing we have Redbox.. There’s one very close to my home, so I’m all good!

  23. Dan says:

    I have been a subscriber to Netflix for several years. I have noticed in the past year that their service has gone down the tubes. I watch my movies pretty much when I get them and send them back the next day. They get them a day later, BUT they do not send out my next films for two days or more. It’s not the fact that the next films are not available. There is no wait on them, but yet they drag their feet in sending my next selections. When my membership comes up in about a week, I am dumping Netflix. It doesn’t do any good to call and complain. The customer reps act like they could care less. Well, guess what? Stick it Netflix! I am so over you!

  24. ashley says:

    Save your money, even the $7.99 a month subscription is a joke. The concept is great, instant streaming on my TV from the internet, but the movie selection is beyond HORRIBLE. There are no good choices for instant download and it seems like they do not carry any good movies. I love movies and pretty much all movies but when there are very few choices and some of the movies in the comedy section are from the 80’s, not ideal for the consumer.

    The instant streaming is full of TV shows and crappy old movies. Whether the selection is better for the home delivery movies, it is a shame.

    I highly recommend going with something else like blockbuster.

  25. eberntson says:

    I liked Netflix DVD service, it is mostly good only 1 in 12 disks are broken. But I have their streaming client on my TV (HD) and during the high use evening time (5pm to 2am) it’s down load time or failure rate is unpredictable at best. It timeout constantly and although I am in a high use area it is the only app that has issues. Amazon PRIME has no issues.

    Their service used to be better but it’s quality is going downhill FAST. I have 15 years of computer experience and 25 years of internet experience. Pretty sure they are too cheap to pay for bandwidth for their customers. They are nice but obviously Netflix is resting on their laurels.

    In comparison with Amazon PRIME their performance is POOR. Amazon apparently doesn’t track what you have been watching and it is not possible to pick up where you left off on a series, but I new to Prime streaming video on Amazon.

    You should try other streaming service like on-demand until they straighten themselves out.

  26. DP says:

    the customer service is shocking unprofessional.
    I can’t express the rudeness and you can just tell how angry the person is who is responding to your complaint. I will spend my money elsewhere!
    If you want to be talked down to, then by all means stay with them.
    I’d rather have a root canal without Novocain.

  27. Joe says:

    Whine, whine, whine. Netflix is the best service out there for streaming and disc rental. Are you really that lazy that you cant wait 2 days to get a movie in the mail and too lazy to put it back in the envelope and mail it back (It takes me 12 seconds to seal the envelope and put it in the mailbox. Yes, I timed myself). If you only watch 3-4 movies a month, go with Redbox or Blockbuster and get what you want instead of clogging up forums with your nonsense.

    • K says:

      What the f&&K Joe, why wait two days when you can pick a DVD up at the store and watch the damn movie that night? HUH? This was supposed to be better than the hassle of going to get your own DVD, what lazy butt would wait two days or LONGER for the mail, only to get a scratched DVD, the wrong one, or in the wrong language? Just go to the store then….this is not a good or new service…the ONLY thing going is to have the Ability to WATCH IMMEDIATELY, as in, when your ready and load it up…however, NETFLIX offers nothing new…just old crap…waste of money.

  28. TR says:


  29. Wm says:

    Very poor selection of streaming movies. Also they had just lost Starz so the selection is going to be even worse.

  30. Grand says:

    I felt like I was lied to when I signed up and lied to after the price change. True that any GOOD film is available on DVD and NOT streaming. Streaming selections 99% of the time are below 3 star rating.
    Because of the turn-around time, mailing is not an economical solution. I can get from Redbox or local rental store.
    Unfortunately the “higher-ups” have no contact with it’s users nor do they understand the situation it is in. Compitition is getting stronger. Only a matter of time, only a matter of time…………….. Bye, bye

  31. anthony benigno says:

    Netflix is stealing our money! We have not received a DVD in over TWO WEEKS. We have called Customer Service THREE TIMES & they fix the problem; we answer “satisfied” on the survey and then we still don’t get any films. I have had it with Netflix. Please bring another company on who will do a good job.

  32. Parent says:

    I have been with Netflix for years BUT I am not pleased that there are not controls to monitor/limit the ability for my kids to see the pictures/titles that are above their age limit. If I am watching a movie (R rated) and on the computer and the kids are getting on to see a movie like “Spider Man (cartoon)” they can see all of the other, more mature, titles that are recommended for adults. There needs to be a “create profile” like there is on the DVD que. Why not create this? It can be the same email address just a different password… how hard would that be? Come on Netflix, get with the times…

  33. Bryan says:

    Netflix blows. Now they won’t let DVD plan members view what’s available on streaming. How in the world am I to know if I want to add/switch to streaming if I can no longer see what’s available? A completely boneheaded move.

  34. kleber cueva says:

    i was at netflix menber for # years i always pay then whit at prepaid netspend car science my credit got bad i pat for my dougther to se could wcht movies at home now she is very sad that i cant had netflix because netflix wont take prepaid credit cards

    why they dont told me that 3 years ago ahaha shame on you netflik because now you guys doin good now dont care about you frist loyal suportes is that how you apreccitaed you long time customers shame on you netflix it woulb be another competticion that wont discriminate people that had not credit !!

  35. susan says:

    Have been customer of Netflix since March 2010.

    Really, really couldn’t say enough good things about this company.
    Dropped to streaming only when the fees increased last year.

    Now a new irritation – – -when searching titles through Roku player all titles come up; DVD as well streaming videos.
    Only want to see streaming videos listed. Don’t bother listing DVDs. – – – – Maybe it’s cheaper to dump all titles than sort out streaming or maybe (Netflix) is trying to lure all back to DVD subscriptions.
    It won’t work.

    Sure Netflix will be bought by comcast or verizon sometime soon.

  36. tina says:

    why during a movie does it dtop working and say loading please wait. but im already watching movie. it happens every 5 to 10 mins. very annoying

  37. JUBLATEE ONEAL says:


  38. JUBLATEE ONEAL says:

    After being told twice that i had a free trial, I was charged $17+. Actually i was told i had a free trial after i had been charged and before i got the bill. A manager then told me he would make sure i was refunded the correct and full amount. NETFLIX is nothing but a bunch of crooks and should be and need to go bankrupt. They refunded half of my money and told me they could not refund the rest because their system would not allow it

  39. Jess says:

    The Netflix concept is great and is what everybody would love TV to be, no loud commercials interrupting every two minutes of programing, but note that I said “concept”. Yes! Netflix’s concept is good but their selection on ‘Watch Instantly’ is so limited.

    I went to the library and I actually saw there all the movies I had on my queue list. Is it worth it?

    I don’t know. We are a culture so wrap up in TV that people look weird to you if you don’t have one, like us, but maybe for the kids to watch their favorite programs without being bombarded with commercial and to monitor the time kids spend in front of a screen and then Yes!, but only for that reason.

    I pay to a company to get rid of commercials….

  40. diego says:

    I pay just 8 dollars for the basic service. I think that the movies Instantly to your Tv are very bad, they never have new movies , the 90% of the movies are terrible and bored. I will to cancel this service.

  41. ina says:

    Netflix overcharged on monthly bill. I called and ask them to reimburse me, but to my surprise he said we cannot reimburse you because the month is over. Which makes no sense at all. I cancelled and wwill never give them my business again. I never received money back except for one month. I call that stealing. Don’t ever give them your credit card number.

  42. ric says:

    with the postal service goin down the toilet, netflix should dump the dvd’s and stream everything.

  43. Jon says:

    Netflix streaming is old movies no one wants to see, all the good stuff is on DVD, why on earth did they hype a second rate service and then have the nerve to charge for it? I am quitting it as soon as the 30 day free trial runs out. Shame on netflix for switch and bait, their ethics are in the tpoilet.

  44. J.T. says:

    If you want to watch something on Netflix, it’s DVD only, but don’t worry! If you check the “Similar Titles” for something like Criminal Minds (yes it is DVD only) Netflix will direct you to something like High School Musical, which is practically the same thing. Netflix may say they have crap loads of TV shows, but they count every season as a show. Wow Netflix, you barely have more Seasons than Hulu has TV shows themselves (Hulu is crap too). Good for you!

  45. Stevon says:

    NetFlix is frustrating, the tv series are fine simply because many shows and series I missed over the years. However they seem unable to grasp the real quality movies in all genre that have been around for yearS…the quality action and drama films that are of the higher production value seems to be a serious problem…(example Borne Identity, Lara Croft, Jurassic Park etc. many R.Deniro, these movies are 5 to 10 plus years old and may only be available, maybe by DVD if at all. NetFlix updates streaming so slowly, I now alternate monthly with HULU PLUS vs Netflix every other month… and I also source new release or movies NetFlix does not have for free on various online free streaming websites like…..HEY NETFLIX IF YOU THINK YOU ARE….INDISPENSABLE STICK YOUR CORPORATE FINGER IN A BOWL OF WATER, THEN REMOVE IT AND SEE HOW QUICKLY THE HOLE FILLS ITSELF IN!

  46. Stefan Kanfer says:

    Without question the worst possible service. Save your money and find a film site
    that actually serves customers. Technically as shoddy as it gets. Never again.

  47. mika says:

    yes, netflix is a scam. they are the epitome of “Bait and Switch.” They reel you in (no pun intended) then raise their prices once you’re hooked. Like a drug dealer. They don’t care about their customers. Lastly, they also only have the *more* sought after movies on DVD ONLY! So you have to upgrade to DVD vs Streaming. What kind of company can ethically approve that? It’s truly a scam. Hidden to some. Smart consumers will be able to figure it out sooner or later. END DEPENDENCY ON THESE SERVICES! It’s only movies.

  48. Tyler says:

    Not happy at all. Watched from my Xbox, awful service. Rebuffers, blah blah blah, can never watch anything. They kept suggesting it was my signal, which is the best possible, in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. It’s not my signal!!! $110,000 on a tech degree. from the best tech school in the world, it’s you guys!! Provide the service, or lose more customers!!! Duh, remove head from sphincter.

  49. pat says:

    they never send the new releases. they claim 28 days. bull…more like 3 months before you will get it. i’m moving on to blockbuster. have no use for this scam. big rip off

  50. Tom says:

    I’ve been a Netflix member sense ’07. I’ve enjoyed it very much.
    When they first started streaming video I had a slower connection speed so I never thought much for the lesser video quality. Now with a Large 55″ state of the art TV and 4 times the connection speed (Fiber) I can tell you the recent price increase is not worth it.
    I never notice the pixated blocks up close before on a smaller 30 in TV, I’m sure there is times when there server is to busy to pipe it to everyone on peak time. So i was patient for months seeing that my connection speed was dedicated to the stream, even on off peak times it was seldom ever better. There compression rate makes the video suffer in vivid clarity.

    The selection of available streaming video is so scarce.
    Everything you want to see is “Availability Unknown” forever…

    It seems to me they’ve become very greedy after their stocks did so well in ’09 $ ’10 and think we’re all hooked and will take whatever they give us.

    One word sums it up, “Cancel”

    Maybe after their price comes down and i know it will, I’ll re-join.

  51. Angela says:

    I am highly disappointed in netflix. We signed up for a free trial about a year ago, and enjoyed it. The instant streaming was nice but the selection was pretty quaint. But that was ok, since it was free right? So we cancel it not wanting to spend 8 bucks a month on one movie out at a time, and hoping that we don’t have to wait for it too long in the que. So recently they sent me another email telling me that I get another free trial. We’re like “wow” that’s cool. It states clearly in the email that I am eligible for a free trial, they want me to come try them again for free, for a month.I click the link, sign up again, and enjoy another free month. About the middle of the month I notice a charge has been taken out of my account for 8 dollars. I didn’t do anything about it at the time because I knew that before they put a hold on my account just to make sure it was active so I let it go until I cancelled it. So when my trial was up and I had cancelled it, I noticed the pend had be deducted and I was 8 bucks shorter than before. I call them and tell them and they say I’m not eligible for a free trial. So if that was the case why send me an email? We ask. ” Your only eligible for a free trial if your account is a year old”. So why send me the email?? With an expiration date?! That is very shady netflix. I do not recommend them for their unprofessional approach to their customers. You would think with the struggle and competition they have now they’d try to be more appeasing to their customers, but no. I was not refunded or offered any kind of promo. Just a “sorry” and a “read the terms of use”. It’s too bad that on the fine print of email, it said I was eligible as well. Looks like were sticking with blockbuster online and not turning back. I usually try to give the company I’m having problems with the benefit of the doubt, looks like they lost out on that this time.

  52. Maria says:

    crappy movies , half in different languages , can’t take off the foreign subtitles and most movies are NOT in HD

  53. Joey says:

    Does anyone ever mention the fact that you can go to one of dozens of Rebox machines, probably in everyone’s area, and RENT NEW RELASES, NOT MOVIES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD???!!!

  54. Nics says:

    By the way; Netflix vs… Absolutely no contest!!!!

  55. twokelya says:

    Streaming is a great idea, but the selection Netflix has is is horrible. One night I searched through 22 movies that I like only to find that they didn’t have one single one of them available. The movies were popular movies that should be staples on a site like this. Whats up Netflix? Cant you improve your selection? Still going to blockbuster, they have what I need when I want to watch it, don’t need to wait days for it to come in the mail, Or waste my time searching only to find an image of the move not available. Two thumbs down, call me when you have some movies to watch.

  56. haHA HA !!! says:

    Netflix stock, which was in the $300 range in July, dropped by nearly $200.

    look at this sh it

  57. Sha says:

    I like netflix instant watch selection and the free trial. Thats about it. Their selections of movies are CRAP. Every movie i search for i have to get the dvd. I feel if you are going to have an instant watch option, make it more useful. They barely have any good movies to watch instantly. Im only a member for the free trial. Paying is absolute NONSENSE, you can watch all the movies netflix have on their site for FREE on and i would say they have a WAY better selection. They even have the new movies available to watch.

  58. Yulia says:

    Its easier to have the online access to movies if you are gonna do it. Someone or another they always get something messed up. I did find this website and it has been good. I just download everything and then download it onto a disk to watch on tv.

  59. alex says:

    Red box people!

  60. Paul says:

    I just started the free trial for streaming on my PS3 about an hour ago and already i know im not going to be paying for this service, they only have about 75 titles and that is INCLUDING the series!! That’s not all, the movies they do have are about 5 years old, the newest ones! Also about 10 movies ive never in my life heard of and are titles in spanish and for some weird reason all my series are also in spanish audio even though the English box in audio is checked!! than god they give that 30 days trial… reaally disappointed

  61. Laura says:

    We just bought Netflix that streams instantly via your DVD player. HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE waste of money. Really. The selection of movies and t.v. shows is shockingly limited, and there are at least a few problems with the service every time we try to watch something. Save your money – go to a movie store!

  62. Susan D says:

    Netflix is fast and convenient. It used to be a lot better when it started because the DVDs were new. Now, they are old, if you want to watch one from a few years ago. The major thing wrong with the service is that they have NO Quality Control. I’ve received a few DVDs that play about half the movie, then become jumpy and stop intermittently. This is Totally unacceptable ! Yet it seems to persist. It does not take rocket science to check the quality of DVDs.

  63. Tyco says:

    I switched to the instant stream plan and I am extremely unhappy with the service. Nothing is available for watching! All of the instant movies are old. I am really considering canceling my membership all together.

  64. ex-nexflix' customer says:

    I was a nextflix user. They play all old moves. Every now at the you may get a movie from 2010. The rest of them are older and I have seen them many times. It is not worth the money, we switched to dish and they have free movies you may watch on a special channel that is not charge. The best thing of all with this is as soon as they are released on dvd, you can watch them for free on dish. So in other words netflix sucks and loved taking your money. Don’t fall for this scam.

  65. GG says:

    wow, im reading the price may go up ? I will have to cancle for sure, between the cox cable bill and that, in a recession, :(

  66. GG says:

    I really dont watch many movies, but love the older ones, I went to watch American graffetti with my daughter, and it was unavailable, so we picked Titantic and it was unavailable, Pretty in Pink it also was unavailable, then went for JAWS also unavailable, how about Scarlett ? also unavailable, thought we would watch A THRILLER MOVIE The Birds, also unavailable, Grease unavailable,!! we have this on line, through our Wii system, very disappointed, very limited movies, nothing i really care to see :( I may cancel, Is there any other such a place who offers movies like netflix, that may have more of a selection? if not, someone should start one!

  67. Scott in Oregon says:

    I’ve had Netflix for about 2 years now. Up until now, I have really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great company, and a great deal. But now…
    Here’s what happened: Became unemployed 3 months ago, and last month, my checking account went dry. So i lost my Netflix for July. That didn’t stop them from trying to run my debit card, but that’s not the point here. Anyway, became re-employed, and re-started my membership on July 23rd. I was curious when i would be billed next, so i looked at my account. They were going to charge me another $9.99 in a week! That was a bit absurd, and I decided I could do without Netflix for the time being, so instead of waiting until July 31st to cancel my membership, I cancelled it now, July 24th. Since I just paid $9.99 yesterday for a month’s membership-to last ONLY 8 days!-I figured I’d still have a week of viewing. Not so. they cancelled my access immediately. Now, that sucks on multiple levels.
    To their credit, I called in to complain, and was told immediately and politely that the charges to my card would be reversed. Awesome! But actually, I have a problem with this because the ONLY WAY to contact them is by phone. there is no way to e-mail them or chat on-line to give feedback, lodge complaints, etc. Added all together, plus the upcoming rate hike in September, I have decided to not buy Netflix’s service any more

  68. Ryan says:

    I used netflix for one year and I was happy with it, for $9.99 a month it was great. The DVD’s came on time and all the DVD’s played ok. I only had one DVD that played not so good. But, I have just got a email from Netflix talking about Price Change and New Plans. Reading the email, it was talking about price is going to change to $15.98 a month. It is not worth it $15.98 to me, so I cancel netflix. Below you can see the email:

    We are separating unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into two separate plans to better reflect the costs of each. Now our members have a choice: a streaming only plan, a DVD only plan, or both.

    Your current $9.99 a month membership for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs will be split into 2 distinct plans:

    Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 a month
    Plan 2: Unlimited DVDs, 1 out at-a-time (no streaming) for $7.99 a month

    Your price for getting both of these plans will be $15.98 a month ($7.99 + $7.99). You don’t need to do anything to continue your memberships for both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs.

    These prices will start for charges on or after September 1, 2011.

    You can easily change or cancel your unlimited streaming plan, unlimited DVD plan, or both, by going to the Plan Change page in Your Account.

    We realize you have many choices for home entertainment, and we thank you for your business. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-357-1516.

    –The Netflix Team

  69. Rachel says:

    My husband and I have had Netflix for about eight months, and we both really enjoy having it. Before we got Netfllix, we had cable television, yet neither of us hardly watched it. So, we decided to give Netflix a try. At $9.99 a month, we are able to instantly stream a selection of movies, television shows, and documentaries through our Wii (which we primarily use for this purpose), or we can also have DVDs delivered to our house via the mail system. We have had some trouble with the actual DVDs playing correctly. We, therefore, try to stick only to the streaming videos. Sometimes it is frustrating that something we want to watch is “DVD only,” but, in those cases, we can simply go out and rent the movie. Other times, it’s nice just to sit down and scroll through the instant selection and find something non-specific to watch. And Netflix sure cuts costs, too: we always turn in our rentals late and have fees for one movie that equal two months worth of a Netflix subscription. Not to mention cable costs are out of this world.

    I might be more disappointed with Netflix if I were a person who kept up with and watched all the new television and movie releases; however, I’m not that person. I scroll through Netflix and think, “Jeeze, I thought of seeing that forever ago when that came out. I think I’ll watch it.” Or, “I remember really liking that movie ages ago, I’ll watch it again.” Also, Netflix always has a ton of great documentaries. I’ve watched numerous that I’ve been able to use for research papers. It’s so nice to have that kind of research at my fingertips!

    All-in-all, Netflix has been great for my and my husband’s tastes. The only big complaint is that sometimes we will pause a movie/show/documentary, and then when we come back to finish it the next night it’ll no longer be available except by DVD only. Not cool. I wish that there was some feature to at least keep “in progress” shows on personal accounts until finished. Alas, my household still loves Netflix and is pleased that we can search for and watch commercial-free material at our own leisure for only $9.99 a month. We’ll take it.

  70. Robin says:

    Just got word, they’re changing their pricing plan. Used to have streaming unlimited with however many discs you take. NOW they’ve split the two up and increased the price. The same plan just went up $5 per month, or you can go with just discs or just streaming.


    Basically in short, to keep my current plan, it’s a THIRTY PERCENT PRICE INCREASE.

    Other than that, I’ve been a long time user of netflix and have never had problems with them. It’s RARE to get a disc thats unplayable and they resolve easily on the website and send out another right away while you send the bad disc back. Turnaround is FAST, has gotten better since they’ve been openingh up more distribution centers.

  71. Matt says:

    Lousy experience. Streaming movies are all old, and to bump up the numbers under “New releases (movies),” they list tv shows. Then the same movies under the TV section. It’s just to bump up the numbers and how many titles you see. Total scam. I agree that the “new releases” are all old. They say they are trying to go 100% streaming soon. If so, good luck seeing anything you like. The search yields nothing either. One last thing: Good luck giving them feedback. You can’t email the company about your account. I just tried and you can only call. Currently they have a 15 min wait for a rep. Exactly how all American companies are getting; too big, no service, and less quality.

  72. Mike says:

    Got Netflix for streaming. If you think it rocks you apparently don’t get out much. Total, absolute waste of my time to even connect my box to the Internet! There are precious few movies available for streaming, and don’t even think about streaming something newer than 4 or 5 years old. I saw a “new release” listed that I took my daughter to see when she was 8 years old…that was 14 years ago!! Glad they offer a free trial! WHEW!! I was a Netflix subscriber for nearly 30 minutes. That has to be a record!

  73. John says:

    Netflix is a big scam. I registered to use the service today for the first time ever (my teenage daughter registered before using our info without our permission, and we canceled the account a while back). and they let me input all of my information, then promptly denied us the free trial. They could have done this at the beginning, but were very misleading in doing it at the end hoping we’ll just sign up and pay. We are very affluent and have no trouble paying the 10 bucks a month if there is a decent selection of movies, but we will not be scammed into it using these tactics. Now I’m glad we weren’t able to get a free trial. Just learned from neighbors that their discs are scratched half the time and the streaming videos are very limited.

  74. Matt says:

    I am hard of hearing and its been about 2 years since i have been watching netlix on demand. my parents have been paying for it, otherwise i would not be watching it. NETFLIX has been saying for months that they have been working on the subtitles for the movies and honestly there have been some improvements but not a whole lot. most especially in the horror dept. my girlfriend loves horror movies but about 99% of the movies do not have subtitles even though there is an subtitle option. we are like ooh, subtitle options, but no. it says none with a check mark. I consider this a tease like any other guy if the above related to them. Seriously, IF THIS IS NOT FIXED THEN I AM ONE LESS CUSTOMER THEY WILL HAVE!!!!!!
    DONT SAY YOU HAVE IT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully you will get your head out of your asses and fix the problem!!

  75. Rosanna says:

    I have subscribed and unsubscribed many times over the years (for various reasons) and never had an issue with Netflix. In fact, I think… if only other companies were as good about this sort of thing (Blockbuster is also good about this).
    I, personally, love the streaming feature. They aren’t usually the first run features; but there are hundreds of movies to chose from and you’re going to discover some gems you may not have discovered otherwise. The beauty’s unlimited…if you don’t like it, try another. The quality is not always the best; but with my just over the minimum requirements computer…it is satisfactory. And if you like Indies and foreign; it’s a great selection.
    I have no interest in torrenting new movies with viruses. The ability to rent the newest and stream others for such a low monthly cost works well for me.

    The occasional damaged DVD happens. It would be nearly impossible for it not to.
    It’s going to happen no matter who you deal with.

    The only real neg reviews I agree with is the habit of putting the higher volume DVD plans a step behind the lower. But everyone does this.

    All in all, I love Netflix. It’s not perfect but nothing is. I’m happy.

  76. John says:

    They will not remove anyone’s account information from your servers if asked. This should be stated in their terms of service right up front. What If you have a break in on their server. Do not tell me your server can never be hacked. That’s what Play Station said. I want my complete ID email address and credit card information removed from Netflix. I want conformation that this has been done. I never would have signed up had I known that Neflix will never delete My information. The site says I’m able to cancel online24/7 and that’s an outright lie. They send me an email saying they removed my info as i asked but they will not and did not.

  77. Wedge says:

    I have been using them for Blu Ray rentals for three months now. We average two to three per week on the minimum plan. This part is awesome and I love it.

    Streaming however is another issue. I have a Cox High speed internet system and average around 12mbps download speed all day. Yet both HD and SD movies stream inconsistently. I’m running this thru a brand new Sony Blu Ray. It streams other services fine. We have watched netflix movies that will play the first half fine and then the second half it stops and says loading on average about once per minute. Both in SD and HD so it wasn’t the size of the source material. Naturally this was unwatchable. We started THE PRINCE OF PERSIA and it was so blurry we stopped it. Sadly I bought the blu ray player to stream netflix and now I plan to abandon streaming their services and only rent the blu rays.

    Finally, there was also a lot of picture jitter when the camera would pan across a scene or when the camera was stead but objects like a car drove slowly across the scene.

    I can not recommend netflix streaming but the rentals are a good deal.

  78. Paul says:

    I’ve used it for their ‘watch instantly’ streaming features only. I’m not all that impressed. Their selection of titles is pretty good, but they likely won’t have your favorites. I’ve streamed videos to my PC, my Samsung TV, my Wii and my PS3. The streaming is pretty responsive on all systems and has a really good user interface. The quality however is subpar. The contrast is dull and the pictures are often blocky. Even the ‘HD’ quality are inferior to Betamax video tapes. I think you are much better off torrenting good titles for free.

  79. Angie says:

    I’ve been using Netflix for 5 years, and I love it, except for:
    -no way to contact Netflix with comments
    -Netflix should supply ‘good’ long-standing customers with a disk cleaner. A lot of the disks I get are unplayable, dirty, damaged, and I shouldn’t have to bear the cost of cleaning/repairing them.
    -“save” feature is useless.

  80. Dan G says:

    A big issue I have with Netflix is the overwhelming selection of movies I haven’t really heard of. I don’t want to waste my time watching something that might be crap. Apparently there are a ton of podcasts about this sort of thing. Almost all of them are American so they don’t always review movies that are available to Canadians, but I found one called the Netpix Podcast that reviews movies available to Canadian Netflix subscribers. I highly recommend it, but if anyone finds any other decent podcasts, let the community know!

  81. Daveenajh says:

    sometimes, netflix is really anoying. please exuse typos, i just moved from india. but sometimes, watching streaming stuff is hard becuase it will stop to buffer every 5 mins. but everything else works wonderfuly, and netflix is great.

  82. Kathe says:

    I tried Netflix for the one month free trial. The movies/tv shows we watched via streaming through our laptop worked perfectly. The dvd’s we received in the mail were not as good. So far we have had 5 dvd’s over a 3 week period. Four out of the five had skips that made the movie hard to watch. If you had not seen the movie before, these skips were significant enough to make it difficult to figure out what happened. (FYI – we cleaned each DVD before we played them to be sure.)
    I am glad we had the option to try the service first. We don’t find what is offered for streaming to be of enough interest to continue the subscription, however you may.

  83. Sarah says:

    I really can’t say enough good things about Netflix. They really know how to take care of their customers, and I love their selection of movies and tv episodes. Great company.

  84. JBalnce says:

    My only complaint is that the ‘Play Instantly’ selection is really bad, but it makes you feel as if you could watch many movies. They thrive on that illusion. Luckily it gives me time to do other things.

  85. Deb says:

    Netflix had my card on file and charged it each month. My credit card company upgraded me and I believe I provided Netflix with the new card number. They tried putting through my old number and it failed. They put my service on hold without contacting me first, even though this is probably their error. I called to find out what the problem was. We had trouble identifying it and, when we figured out what it was, I provided them with the new card number again. The customer service representative said that she was putting the request through and I should have service in 15 minutes. Two hours later, I still did not have service. It turns out she was supposed to ask me for the security code on the back of the card. I asked why they did not call me back when they realized they forgot this information. I was told they cannot make outgoing phone calls. HOW ***. It was their mistake and I spend all morning trying to fix it. Since I had to pull it out for that phone call, I lost the card and had to run around the house searching for it. The supervisor I was on the phone with could not be bothered to wait for me to look for the card, even though it was their fault I had to take the card out a second time. Then, to top it off, not a single person offered to comp me for my troubles.

  86. dar says:

    I tried their service before when they only had their mail service. I canceled when a noticable delay and quality occured after a short period of time. I decided to try them again when they introduced their online plan. Worked fairly well during their trial, but now that I am a paying customer what a dissapointment. They advertise 100,000 movie titles available. Where are they? When I try to search the same old titles come up over and over again. Many are of poor quality and sound. I think they use there constant surveys as a way of profiling the customer and purposly restict the number of movies available to watch!!

  87. Nick says:

    People, what do you want for $9.99 a month? Less than Showtime or HBO. My kids get to watch the ‘pulp’ they want through their PS3, and I watch movies either streaming, or I get my DVD in a few days. Folks want better selection go to Walmart and buy the new releases for $24.99 each, me I am happy waiting a while and getting a huge number of films for ONLY $9.99, costs more than that for one person to see one movie at the theatre!

  88. Amanda says:

    Netflix needs to add a more better selection of movies that we can watch online… If I wanted to watch a DVD I would go to blockbuster, They have Disney movies but u have to wait for them to be delivered… It is like false advertisement it says movies just a click away…Yeah just a click away and then wait 3-4 days for them to ship it… I searched a lot of movies on there that I wanted to watch and about 98% of them were DVD only… That is annoying and a waste of money and time… They need to step up their game and add a better movie selection!

  89. Ron says:

    I was fortunate enough to review netflixs that a friend had, i will not waste my money on a on line service that offers nothing but crap. there are no movies worth watching or enough to keep interest for very long.

    this is by far one of the worst services i have ever come across. dont waste your money with netflixs

  90. gloria says:

    cancel my account

  91. Ramon says:

    I’ve had Netflix for sometime now.I once cancelled and returned to get old movies and musicals. The problem I see with Netflix now (and before)is the “SAVE”
    option. I have saved old musicals and ended up removing them because availability is unknown.In other words I have never saved and finally got it. Please, Netflix why lie to your customers?

  92. teh movie rental business in our area is dropping because most pople like to watch movie online these days ‘

  93. Sarah says:

    Netflix is an outstanding company. Not only do I like having movies delivered to my house, but the Watch Instantly option is phenomenal. There are so many choices of things to watch instantly – documentaries, foreign films, television, classic movies, and new releases. I recently had a problem with the streaming feature, and Netflix offered me a small credit to my account… completely unsolicited! If there is a DVD on my queue that my local center does not have available, they will ship it from another part of the country, and send me another DVD from my queue for free. It is no wonder that Netflix has put brick-and-mortar movie rental out of business. The service, price, and product quality is top tier.

  94. Blobby says:

    I’ve used Netflix since 2005. My overall experience can be divided into two periods: before and after 2008: before was initally fine, and then, like some people tell above, they started pacing my deliveries to keep the overall numbers down. I was about to drop them, when in 2008 sometime, almost overnight, this problem disappeared: now they ship very quickly, and even if they don’t have a disk I ordered handy, they ship it from somewhere else *in addition* to my regular dose, so I really never end up with fewer (overall) videos due to some dvd’s unavailability. Broken/damaged disks do happen but very rarely, and then Netflix are very nice about sending replacements: again, these replacements go in addition to the regular doseage, so at least practically, this is not a problem. And again, in these five years this happened really only a few times. What does piss me off is how they drop their so-called “community features”. I don’t care for “friends” etc., but now they’ve even discontinued reviewing! Yep. You will no longer be able to post a film review on that site. This, in my view, is crossing the line.

  95. Galasso says:

    Netflix initially was outstanding – fast service and good quality on the three at a time unlimited number of DVD’s per month. Recently the quality of the DVD’s has gone way down. I have received as many as three or four in a row that are unplayable.

  96. Peyton says:

    Laverne –

    Thanks a ton for your post! I was considering buying a new HDTV that has the ability to stream Netflix stuff wirelessly built into it. Of course, that functionality adds about $200-$300 to the cost of the TV, and I’d only be doing it if I could inexpensively stream stuff via Netflix.

    Now you tell us the truth about the Netflix streaming! A limited selection of older stuff, new releases aren’t included, etc. And the Netflix rep tells you “It’s not an all you can eat buffet”! That’s classic! Their ads certainly don’t give you that impression!

    Thanks for saving me a ton of money, both by not buying the streaming TV nor subscribing to Netflix! I’ll spend the money I saved buying a bigger HDTV and renting the occasional $1 movie from Redbox.

  97. Jill says:

    I’ve been a member since 2004. Don’t know why. They chronically disappoint us. Movies take too long, we are the last to get anything of value, at least 1/3 of them are cracked or skip or have problems that require immediate cleaning.

    I think it’s ridiculous that the bigger package you buy and the longer you’re a member, the more you get mistreated and go to the end of the line. So I’m out there searching for an alternative. I’m finally getting fed up.

  98. Doug says:

    I tried the “risk free trial”. I got three movies, one at a time. All three were damaged. The first was unwatchable for about 15 minutes, we suffered through it and sent it back. The second was better, only about 10 minutes was interrupted. The third was unwatchable from about 10 minutes on.

    I give up. I know that I can send it back and get a new one in about 2 or 3 days. But zero for three is not a good average,

    I cancelled the service and wanted everyone to know about it.

  99. Laverne says:

    I recently purchased a roku box to instantly watch movies on my TV. I spoke with a representative from netflix before ordering from

    I was very disappointed to find out that only a selection of older movies are offered and the quaility of the movies are horrible. So I contacted customer service at netflix the representative told me “It’s not an all you can eat buffet”, you still have to pay to watch the new releases or wait for them to send them in the mail.

    I do not recommend the roku box or using netflix watch instantly on your TV. The claim of watching any movie anytime is bull.

  100. Ramo says:

    I like their “instant viewing” feature, but they really don’t offer any good movies to stream on your computer. The 3 movies at the top of our queue have been sitting there for well over a month with a “very long wait” availability status. Absolutely unacceptable. They simply need to buy more of the newer, more popular releases. This is a market ripe for competetion…


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