SizeGenetics Review

Sizegenetics Reviews?

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If you have been looking for different options for Penis enlargement, SizeGenetics may be your answer.

SizeGenetics is a medical type 1 device which aids you with your quest for a bigger and stronger penis. The sizegenetics package goes beyond being a device. It provides you lot of sexual health improvement products along with the extender device. Sizegenetics device helps you with:

  • Extra inches fast – in both length and girth
  • Straightening of curved or bent penises
  • Improved erection hardness
  • More control over your ejaculation for longer sex sessions

how sizegenetics works

How does the SizeGenetics device work?

Size genetics uses the principal of traction and works with your body tissues to increase the body mass of the penis.

By regular use of Sizegenetics, the cells in man’s penis chambers begin to divide and multiply hence increasing the overall tissue mass. Due to this the penis can hold more blood than it could before. The result of which is enhanced length and girth of the penis.

“The enlargement devices usually work on the principle of traction. The device exerts a constant traction on the penis, which, in theory, lengthens and widens the penis. The traction supposedly causes the cells in the penis to “split” and then reform and expand.”

source: Wikipedia

Is it safe to use Size Genetics?

I have read about the side effects of traction devices and the damage that can happen.

Yes, using cheap imitations and unapproved devices can really damage the tissues in a man’s penis. These devices can also cause irreversible damage to the penis.

Unlike other devices, the sizegenetics device has been approved by the European Union Health Authorities.

It is absolutely safe to use Sizegenetics since it is a tested and medically approved device.

Will my age matter when using Sizegenetics?

Absolutely not.

Healthy human tissues have the tendency to regrow and make up for the changes happening in the body. So as long as you are healthy and do not suffer from any disease affecting the tissue and muscle growth, you will be able to use Sizegenetics for the penis enlargement.

How long should I wear Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a medical device and not a magic trick. So you have to be patient to see the results. Normally with regular use, you should be able to see the results in 2-3 months time.

The more longer you wear Size genetics the more faster are the results. You should wear the device for atleast 2-3 hours per day. You can even wear it for 12 hours a day without any harm. Moreover the device is discrete and you can wear it even when you are out.

What will I get with the SizeGenetics system

sizegenetics money back guarantee

With the Sizegenetics system, you will receive:

  • Medical type 1 device for enlargement
  • official PenisHealth exercise DVD for faster growth
  • Subscription to PenisHealth online for all-round sexual fitness
  • Quality travel bag for carrying the device
  • 6 month money-back guarantee

With the Sizegenetics system you also receive additional sizegenetics spare parts and leather case for storing the device and ensuring privacy.

More information on SizeGenetics Guarantee

What if I have any issues

Well, the size genetics system provides you a 24 hour trained customer support. Sizegenetics system also boasts of a top class customer support to help you with your queries.

How much does SizeGenetics cost & Where to buy Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is available only through the website and you will not be able to buy Size genetics for any where else. You can choose from the two options when you buy Size genetics:

1. Sizegenetics system: $390. In this package you get
Medical Type 1 Device, Comfort add-on & Spare Parts, Travel case & discreet case, PenisHealth DVD + Online access, Real Sex Real People online DVD, Seductive Massage online DVD, Online access to Lovecentria.

(If you have unsuccessfully tried using pills, you may be eligible for a $50 discount.)

hint: Even if you have not tried anything and still mention the discount code SGSC50, you will get the discount.

2. Sizegenetics Device: $350. In this you only get the device.

It does make sense to go for the sizegenetics system since it gives you a lot for the additional $40. For an extra $40, you can also buy additional 24 month warranty on the device.

If you are OK to send your “before and after” photographs, you get the full amount refunded, which means you get sizegenetics system absolutely free.

Sizegenetics system

Is Sizegenetics too costly for you? Read more about a cheaper alternative for only $149.95. You may also want to read the detailed penis extenders comparison

Overall Rating for Size Genetics

Costs: 4
Popularity: 4.5
Support: 4.5
Value for Money: 5
Effectiveness: 5
Guarantee: 5
Overall Rating: 5

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User testimonials for sizegenetics

To the best of my knowledge there is no side effects as their are no pills or medications involved. The extender tool itself may have a very positive effect.
User review on Yahoo Answers
To be different from other sites, SizeGenetics system is the most successful penis enlargement program because it combines all aspect of penis enlargement. It has two-satisfying programs. They are an enlargement device and penis exercises.
User review on Yahoo Answers
On Size Genetics (I haven’t used this but have had lots of discussions about it, this is what I’ve learned):
Pros: Looks prettier, mostly made of metal so seems like it should be stronger, very popular
Cons: Mostly made of metal=cold on your pen, looks difficult to change the traction, which you increase by using a screw mechanism (also difficult and longer to use than the Male Edge) and if you run out of threads, you gotta take the whole thing off and add more pieces-just sounds like a big hassle to me, too complicated)

User on PEGYM forums

SizeGenetics Sizegenetics Penis Stretcher SKU UPC Model

Oct 14, 2013 by Steven Kilbourne

I can feel that my penis is being stretched lightly, but not as good as manual stretching. I have read many reviews where people said you could wear this extender continuously for more than 4 hours. I only managed 2 hours after which I started to feel burning sensation

Excellent results

Mar 17, 2012 by John Redmond

I would just like to say that sizegenetics works. I have been able to gain 1.5 inch so far. Am happy. Don't believe in people who say extenders don't work. Follow proper instructions, use the device regularly & you will see definite results.


Feb 04, 2012 by Todd Perez

bit expensive but worth the price. loved it


Jan 19, 2012 by Ron

Good product. wearing it in the night when sleeping does cause discomfort though. Have been able to gain 1 inch so far. How much time do I need to wear for 3 inch gain?

Works for me

Jan 19, 2012 by Lloyd Eason

The extender has helped me gain at least 2 inches.. I am happy. It has worked for me. The costs were too high though but then again I am not sure if I would have got the same results with cheaper extenders. :)

4.6 5.0 5 5 I can feel that my penis is being stretched lightly, but not as good as manual stretching. I have read many reviews where people said you could wear this extender continuously for Sizegenetics

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8 Responses to “SizeGenetics Review”

  1. Tony says:

    Ordering was easy. I saved $50 using the coupon.

    I also received the 90 Male Extra supplements, and a PenisHealth DVD. The build quality from what I can see is good. Doesn’t seem like cheap extender but the comfort strap looks like it will tear after using few times.

  2. Mark says:

    I am looking to gain about 2 inches… please e-mail me with anything that could help. I do not satisfy where i feel I should be.

  3. Sarah Blinn says:

    Using penis enlargement product that has an authentic medical device certificate is the best way than to do that surgery would be hazardous to your health.

  4. leonardo says:

    I swear, if you’d have asked me about penis enlargement a few months ago, I wouldn’t have reacted well at all. That’s because I think I’ve probably tried more useless junk than any other guy out there. Pills, suction things, creams, everything. The only thing I didn’t try, thankfully, was surgery.

    Ask me about the subject of penis enlargement now, though, and I’m much more positive and happy to reply! That’s because of PenisAdvantage, which offers a new approach to achieving new size down below. Unlike so many other things, PenisAdvantage is totally natural and safe. You use specially designed exercises to work your penis out (almost like you’d lift weights at a gym! But not for one moment are they suggesting your penis is a muscle). It works by breaking down the cells and stretching ligaments on a microscopic level which your body then builds up again, only stronger and bigger this time. And the great thing about these techniques and routines is that they’ve been road-tested hundreds and hundreds of times. You’ve only got to check out their testimonials and member’s chat room to read about the dozens and dozens of collective inches guys have successfully created using the PenisAdvantage system.

    Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, you get access to the guide, which is super easy to follow and use. They say on the site that you get instant access but I wasn’t expecting it to be as instant as it turned out to be! Before I’d blinked twice I was able to start adding size to my penis. Good stuff – my girlfriend hasn’t stopped thanking me for becoming a member! You really should check out this stuff actually works.

  5. steve says:

    please send me more information about penis enlargement

  6. Bernardo says:

    Take 2 pills a day. One in the morning and another one in the evening with water. Also if you wish to enhance your sexual performance take 2 pills 30 minutes before sexual activity.

  7. mike says:

    My friend has managed to add three extra inch on his penis, and the secret is maleinch.

  8. Andre C says:

    Hay thanks for the helpful review. I’ve been looking at loads of traction devices lately and Im hearing a LOT of good things about this SizeGenetics. I can’t wait to try it out :D


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