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Hyper Facebook Traffic Review

If you are reading this review, you pretty much are looking for other option apart from Google adwords. Google adwords pretty much had kind of monopoly for some years but with Facebook starting its ad platform you no longer have to depend on Google. With around 500 million users in Facebook, the ad platform has opened up a whole new world. Unlike Google the social network provide lot of information about the target
users making it hell lot easier to target specific demographics suitable for your offer.

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Just like when Google adwords was new you had lot of adwords training courses. Now with focus shifting to Facebook, you will see similar crowd of “making money with facebook” courses. The Hyper facebook traffic is one of the much hyped & promoted course. So is it a scam or rehashed product?

The hyper facebook traffic has been released by Adeel chaudhary. The salesletter talks about how the author earned loads of money without any site only using his facebook account. Now I am not sure if this is just another B.S. but you can be sure that its definitely possible with Facebook’s ad platform & a creative mind.

hyper facebook traffic review

What is Hyper facebook traffic?

Hyper facebook traffic aims to teach you all aspects of Facebook marketing covering topics like using & building fan pages, communities, facebook applications, events, notes, facebook groups & the new ad platform. The course is aimed at newbies as well as experienced users who want to leverage facebook as an marketing & advertising medium.

The course comprises of videos, guides & also provides you with some of the ready made campaigns for reference. If you hate reading .pdf manuals & would like to see some action then the videos will make you very happy. Almost each strategy possible with facebook marketing is covered with in the videos. The videos are neat with good step by step instructions.

The hyper facebook traffic is a huge package with around 20+ videos, 300 pages, diagrams and process maps. That’s a hell lot of content for anyone to go through. Fortunately the videos are neatly grouped. Each video covers only one topic which makes it easier for you to choose what you want to focus. Here’s the break up of what you get to learn:

1. Identifying target market
2. Facebook profiles
3. Optimizing facebook profiles for maximum exposure
4. Utilizing facebook profile features
5. Facebook friends
6. Facebook fan pages
7. Increasing facebook fans & providing useful content
8. Effective utilization of fan pages to increase fan following
9. Facebook communities
10. Facebook groups
11. Creating your own groups
12. Facebook applications
13. Creating applications
14. Events
15. Notes
16. Facebook ad platform
17. Optimizing facebook ads

For me Facebook marketing was only facebook ad platform so was not happy at the first glance with all the content. Later when I got to learn how other features can be effectively used for promoting products, I was very happy with the new marketing avenues.

Unfortunately I did not like the videos on facebook ad platform since there is nothing new in the video. All that the video talks about is the guidelines for facebook ads which you can read directly on facebook site. If you want training course specifically targeted towards Facebook ad platform, you should check out the Ryan Deiss’s Advanced facebook training.

Hyper facebook traffic costs?

The entire hyper fb traffic package costs around $79 & comes with a standard clickbank 60 day money back policy.

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Overall Rating

Costs: 2.5
Value for Money: 3.0
Effectiveness: 3.5
Overall Rating: 3.0

Customer Reviews

There is so much stupid information there, that it’s not even worth 1 damn penny.

Active member on warrior forums

If you have not been involved with Social Media Marketing it would probably be a good start and investment, but if you understand the basics of SMM and SMO to a lesser part, your better off just doing the work you know you should be doing rather than watching a tutorial on how to do something you already know in your gut know you should not be procrastinating on…

Mark on Warrior forums

Here is an update. I just checked, and the vids are now up. I quickly skimmed through the first four, and thus far, very basic stuff.

Greg on Warrior forums

At this point, I have to agree with you. Nothing about it has impressed me yet. Lot’s of nothing new stuff so far. I did buy the OTO’s (all but the last one). I am still taking notes and trying to decide whether it is worth the time or money.

Member on Warrior forums

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3 Responses to “Hyper Facebook Traffic”

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve bought it and I’m implementing on the strategies. So far so good. There is not new but everything you know is explained in depth to give you full awareness. If you can’t afford to buy you can check out the videos module section which I’ve uploaded free of cost. After that you can make you decision. I give this a +1


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the warning Tom.

    Its very unfortunate that processor like Plimus would create problem for the users. Whats more surprising is that the FB traffic customer service would not own the responsibility of verifying the purchase & sending you the download link. Hope you recover your money back.

  3. Tom says:

    Hey everyone!

    this is a WARNING to anyone thinking about purchasing this software.

    I had the bad experience of buying this product online with Plimus. After I received the wellcome email from FB Traffic Customer service realised that their download link for the software would not work as their servers crashed each time.

    They would not take any responsibility because they claim I did not purchase this product through Clickbank (although they are very happy for Plimus to take payments on their behalf). I am waiting for a refund from Plimus but all I can say to you all is be careful because their customer service in non existent I am aware of at least another four people been victims of this scam


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